Vineet Gupta, Ph.D. – Principal Investigator and Lab Head

Dony Maiguel, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Fellow

Hafeez Faridi, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Fellow

Harold Gil– Undergraduate Student

Visiting Faculty

Professor Darren Stoub– Rollins College


Ellora Sarkar– HHMI High-School Summer Intern

Desiree Newkirk– HHMI High-School Summer Internt

Jessica Goymer– HHMI High-School Summer Intern

Constantinos Barth – Research Assistant

Kyle Robinson – Undergrad Student Intern (Columbia University)

Amir Qureshi – Research Associate

Jack Rosa, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Fellow

Christine Min – Undergrad Student Intern (Wellesley College)

Max Dyer – High School Intern

Hiba Tannoury – Research Assistant (jointly with Arnaout lab)

Jun Y. Park, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Fellow

Corrina Franklin – Medical Student (jointly with Nikolic lab)

Sara ElDib – High-School Summer Intern